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Shaker Egg entered the local live music scene in 2010 and quickly became one of the most popular bands in the Green Bay-based scene. The current version of Eric Lives has a crowd puller here - a likeable pop and rock sound that has helped them quickly build a new fan base. Many people don't realise the importance of local bands like Shaker and the other local acts in the area, but they're not the only ones.

Their second album, Lost Mind Stereo, is out in April, and they are touring this summer to support it. Muddy Udders have Wisconsin dates on their summer tour, so watch out for them when you have a good show.

The production team will deal directly with the Neenah venue and put together a tailor-made event for you. Howl at the Moon's musicians will be taking guest requests, as they do at other events in the area, such as the New Year's Eve party in Madison.

Register your DJ company on, search the links below for your event, and then search the list on the left for a DJ near you. Simply pass your contact information to the selected DJ via a pop-up window, click the contact button, and receive emails about events, moon events, or other events in the area.

To send a floral arrangement to the family of Gary W. Shaw and visit the Sympathy Store, click here. Planting memorial trees in memory of Gary W. Shaw and visiting our Symmathy store,

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This article is not intended to belittle or insult the talented local musicians who play in these cover bands. The main members of the band are guitarist Bob Olvera, bassist / guitar / vocals and contributor to Sleepwalkers. This group consists of guitar, drums, vocals and keyboards, as well as bass and vocals by guitarists Mcilree O'Brien and Mikey D'Amato. Besides Olbera on guitar and vocals, Sleep Walkers also includes guitarist / singer and songwriter Matt Schmitz, drummer, guitarist, guitarist, keyboarder and singer.

Lead guitarist Tony Warpinski formed the band and put together a talented group that included guitarist / singer / songwriter Pat D'Amato, bassist / guitar / vocals and keyboarder. In 2011, frontman Mike Thiel, who also covers the local entertainment scene for Appleton Post Crescent, reformed the group with new musicians. This hardcore band consists of lead guitarist and lead singer Tony Warpinski and drummer / guitarist Matt Schmitz. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Ben Kowalczyk, drummer and singer, guitarist, keyboard player and bassist as well as bass and vocals.

This high energy group has been a favorite since their 2012 performance and this trio from Oshkosh is one of the most popular local bands on the local music scene. The Hillary Reynolds Band performs frequently in northeastern Wisconsin, including concerts in Appleton, Green Bay, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Madison and Milwaukee. Help us fill this list with local musicians who play everything from punk rock to bluegrass.

Search for dead horses almost anywhere in the area and greet the Nudist Festival, one of the most popular nudist festivals in northeastern Wisconsin.

Hillary grew up in a family that promoted music, including her mother, sister, brother and sister-in-law - in-laws - and grandparents. On the band's blog, Hillary even points out that long road trips to Boston and Appleton are not even a phase of the trip.

Gary was known for his guitar skills and loved performing and a wonderful lifelong friendship developed that lasted until his last days. Outside of music, he loved spending time with his family, eating good food, cheering on the Bucks, Brewers and Packers and, most importantly, enjoying time with family and friends. I loved the time we spent together, the music we played and the good food we ate.

Danny Jerabek led the band with his accordion, but he might also play keyboard, pick up sousaphone and tuba and play keyboard. I got up again today - up in the Manitowoc band Onions, when the sceptre was swinging - and played Rev. Norb.

If funky, cheerful, soulful music is more your thing, Sly Joe from Oshkosh is the man for you. The Appleton singer and songwriter has released five albums to date, the most recent of which is "There's a plan," a collection of original songs including "Go" and "The Old Man and the Sea." Rob Anthony's musical style has often been described as Americana, and he won a Grammy for best country album in 2010 for his debut album, Americana. He has released a number of originals and songs, including his first full-length album "Gone" and his second solo album.

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