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Neenah, Wisconsin is a Wisconsin town about 30 miles east of Milwaukee, and has been home to a Ho Chunk minority village since the late 18th century. In 1835, the land was designated a reserve for the Winnebago tribe, whose word for "water" refers to water. The European-American settlement began the following year with the construction of the first of three hotels in 1836 and a second hotel in 1840.

The timber industry helped the city grow and stimulated economic development, and the well-known Kimberly-Clark company began. The paper industry was also at the forefront of development in Appleton, starting with the construction of the first paper mill in Neenah in 1836 and a paper mill in 1840. Shortly after, in August 1886, Appleon hosted the world's first high-end hotel, the New York City Hotel, and by the end of the year, it was the second largest hotel in the United States after New Orleans.

This is one of the few houses in Neenah that has been rebuilt in a closed state. The History Museum at the castle houses exhibits on the history of the Fox River Valley, including a gallery of traveling exhibits from the Wisconsin Historical Society and the National Park Service. When you're down on the water, take a stroll through the historic Castle Hotel, the first of its kind in Wisconsin, and you'll be in for a surprise. Admission is free, but it is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The lighthouse was built in 1945 and is one of the historical landmarks of Neenah. It is crowned by a picturesque weather vane in the shape of a sailboat. The view from the sailboats over the calm water is quite peaceful, but if you want to join the fun of the boat, you can take a canoe trip.

Photographers will want to take a trip to Kimberly Point Park, which is located at the point where the Fox River flows into Winnebago Lake. There are benches and drinks in the view, and you can also enjoy nature in many areas of the park, including Erb Park in Pierce. Take your family to explore the Building Kids Badger Sports Park and enjoy some of Neenah's most beautiful views, including the Great Lakes and the Wisconsin River.

The only downside of visiting in summer is that the peak travel season hits the Greater Green Bay area hard, and flights and hotel rates are more expensive during that time. Browse our charts to rate the most affordable months of the year to book a room in Neenah. Try to book your trip in advance to save on seasonal price fluctuations.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfast: Neenah, WI hotels are usually large national chains, but you can also find hotel B & Bs in other parts of the Greater Green Bay area. For example, the Best Western Bridgewood Resort offers a wide selection of hotels with a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center and gym. Located just blocks from the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, these non-smoking facilities provide a convenient base for regional attractions. Browse specialist shops selling high-quality bird seeds and feeders, or buy fresh produce and other items from the local grocery store.

Also check the local calendar for upcoming events such as the Wisconsin State Fair and the Green Bay County Fair, both of which tend to attract crowds. They also host a variety of events, from concerts and festivals to concerts, art shows and other events.

Valley Transit operates a number of routes that run every half hour between the Green Bay County Fairgrounds and downtown. The clock runs from hourly to half hourly, with an average of three trains per hour running from the fairground to the hotel.

Appleton does not have intercity passenger service, though a study is being conducted to expand Amtrak train services to the Fox Cities and Green Bay. Amtrak Lamers offers an intercity bus service to the Appleton - Fox River Valley Transit Center and downtown, as well as a number of other destinations.

One of the most fascinating properties is the Valley Fair Shopping Center, built in 1954, which claims to be the first closed shopping center in the United States, though this claim is disputed by other malls. To take a look at the unique heritage of Neenah, Wisconsin, the Neenah Historical Society is a good resource. The octagonal houses were built in the mid-19th century in the United States.

It is located on the west side of the Milwaukee - Milwaukee County line, just north of Interstate 94, in nearby Menasha. The highway is the main route through the West Side City, passing through Neenah on its way to Milwaukee, Milwaukee and Madison.

Appleton is managed by the Appleton Area School District, which has about 2,500 students in grades from elementary school through 12th grade. There are also a number of charter high schools, including Neenah High School, the first of its kind in Wisconsin, as well as two charter elementary schools and a charter middle school. Neighbourhood parks range from two to 16 hectares, and community parks from 25 to 139 hectares. Appletons has one of the largest public libraries in Wisconsin and the second largest library system in Milwaukee County.

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