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As Fox Cities "approach to public art evolves, here are just a few of the art monuments that help make the landscape more colorful and eclectic. The Sculpture Valley nonprofit arts initiative, founded in 2011, is working to establish Fox Valley as a nationally recognized art and cultural destination. The Art Hub offers office space for creative entrepreneurs to rent, galleries for artists to present their work, and a community that can experience art through shows and events. AcresOfArtExhibition is financed by companies, individuals and sponsors from the region and installs public works of art for a two-year lease.

Other founding members are Dr. Mary Ann Schmitt, Mrs. John and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schmitz, and Miss Madison, a former member of the Fox Valley Board of Education.

The Kurz Collection in Vienna, which we bought in the autumn of last year, is a Germanic glass collection, "Mahler explained. The accolade also came from renowned collector Jennie Sinclair, who concluded: "I hope to one day have the privilege of seeing this beautiful collection.

Due to delivery delays, the glass had not passed US customs in the previous week, but was planned as a very special Christmas present. The Bergstrom - Mahler Glass Museum continues its passion for glass collecting in an encyclopedic way and explains the long history of glass. This collection skillfully traces the changes in decorative styles and social customs, from early enamelled ceremonial vessels to exquisite engravings and detailed transparent enamel painting. It was love at first sight, as a woman Mahler considered the craftsmanship of the collection.

As the word "contemporary" suggests, this collection continues the exploration of glass as an artistic material and tries to document the work that is embedded in its present - and still is embedded today. The works of this and many other artists, demonstrating the international reach and creative direction, represent a pioneering direction in the history of glass collection and art in general.

Founded in 1959, the Neenah Bergstrom Mahler Museum has a collection of glass art consisting of over 3,000 pieces. The museum also has the largest glass collection in the USA and one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. This includes more than 1,500 pieces of high-quality glass produced in a factory in Saint Louis.

Nenah is home to Plexus, a developer and manufacturer of electronic products, which also operates engineering and manufacturing operations in the city. Currently, the company's production and engineering activities and headquarters are planned to be transferred to private ownership by Miron Construction.

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More About Neenah

More About Neenah